Warm metals are back

Selection of luxury door handles in Haute Déco's variation on gold

Relating to our rich decorative heritage, golden hues introduce a subtle, elegant glow, bringing a dose of warmth and a sense of comfort to a room. Although Haute Déco's bronze collection has always been available to order in golden bronze, in practice most orders were typically for nickel or antique bronze. In recent months however, Haute Déco have seen a lot more interest for warm metallic tones and are responding by dedicating a significant part of their display to contemporary gold finishes.

In partnership with the foundry, Haute Déco have perfected contemporary variations on gold for their Bronze Architectural Hardware which involve devising new polishing processes. The result, a soft satin gold that is the epitome of discreet contemporary glamour; and a highly-buffed bright gold that manages that elusive wonder: unadulterated glamour without the bling.

"The extent to which the same handle in two not so dissimilar finishes will convey such different aesthetics never ceases to amaze me" says Marie-Véronique Swannell, Haute Déco's founder. Never has this been more obvious than with gold. "For example the newly-launched Oblique lever handle in satin gold is crisp and understated, providing a discreet metallic accent, whereas the same handle in our bright polished gold is gloriously flamboyant".

Meanwhile, Haute Déco's Signature collection of handles offers an alternative take on metallic touches: the concept behind the collection is to encapsulate bronze elements into a crystalline resin which is then polished in multiple stages to achieve a rare glow. Seen through the prism of resin glass, the metal acquires a lighter, ethereal quality, with light being reflected in unfathomable fashion.


Signature Doorknobs in Warm Metallics

Signature handles come in three warm metallic tones copper, golden bronze and rose gold, the latter two being available both in satin finish or highly-buffed. Generally speaking, satin projects a soft, almost pearlarised reflection, whereas the polished version will create a mysterious show-stopping mirror-effect.

Warm Metallic Accents of the New Sensation Doorknobs Collection

This unique concept is being taken to an entirely new level with the launch of Sensation. Haute Déco's new collection brings together their two expertise, with textured bronze elements being cast into crystalline resin for a result that is truly magical.

Variations on Gold will be unveiled at Decorex on 21 September 2014.

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