Decorative Recessed Handles for Pocket Doors

Decorative recessed handles in bronze by Haute Déco

Pocket doors are ever more popular architectural components of contemporary interior design: with open-plan becoming the preferred mode of organising living space, sliding doors allow for flexible accommodation and the ability to close off sections as required. Not requiring spare room to swing open like hinged doors, they are an ideal way to optimise floor space around smaller rooms, bathrooms in particular. Last but not least, their sleek contemporary aesthetics offer many options for style, material and surfaces.

The main drawback of installing sliding doors is that there is very little quality hardware for pocket doors. Now, thanks to Haute Déco's new selection of recessed handles, finding beautifully textured recessed handles is no longer mission-impossible.

Haute Déco have developed a totally unique range of beautifully textured recessed handles made of cast bronze which are available in nickel, gold and antique bronze. Their recessed handles come in two formats, a narrow rectangular shape that is suitable for most applications and a wider format not unlike decorative photo frames that can incorporate a privacy lock for situations when recessed handles are used on bathroom doors. The handles can also be positioned horizontally on drawers and furniture where flush handles are required.

Haute Déco's innovative range of recessed handles finally provides a serious choice for those looking for luxurious pocket door hardware; the collection is still being added to and in time, there will be a recessed handle to match every texture in the bronze collection - view Recessed handles

Hemp Recessed Handles in wide format with thumb turn on one side and lock release on the other

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