Introducing Luxury Fur-textured Handles

Fur-Textured Door Handles by Haute Déco

Whilst Fur makes the headlines once again on the catwalks, Haute Déco launches the first-ever collection of luxury door handles decorated with fur textures. Inspired by the sumptuous feel of mink or sable, Haute Déco's innovative interpretation of fur captures the essence of Fur: Feathery volume, curvilenear pattern, sensuous aesthetics and of course glamour are all captured in this bronze rendition of one of Fashion's most enduring themes.

Each handle has been individually carved and beautiful modelled, much as a relief panel, in a design process that owes more to sculpture than to CAD. The purity of form - simple squares and rectangles - gives focus to their extraordinary texture and quality of finish.

Haute Déco works closely with a small, family-run foundry to explore how to bring their ancestral savoir-faire into the present to serve a contemporary sensibility. This collection is a testament to their invaluable heritage in bronze d'art and how it can be made relevant to modern luxury living.

Whilst one can literally sense fur's velvety texture and suppleness when handling these handles, their sleek format adds an almost abstract quality, leaving room for personal interpretation, especially in the nickel finish. The antique bronze patina, on the other hand, adds an extra dimension to the pattern, making it a near look alike to the natural fur that inspired it. But Bronze Fur is most spectacular in Haute Déco's new polished gold, where the wow factor is at its peak.


Pair of square plate handles - Zibeline in polished gold

The Fur collection will be unveiled at Decorex on 21 September 2014.

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