Innovating with Bronze Leather

Stepped Square Push-Pull Handles with Contrasting Leather Detailing

Despite Leather's aura as a high-end material in interior design, leather-clad handles tend to look more rustic than sophisticated. This prompted Haute Déco to explore how to optimise leather grains in a new form. Their expertise in recreating patterns in bronze allows for one of the most innovative collections of handles for doors and furniture.

Bronze Leather is a collection that perfectly marries craftsmanship and contemporary taste. The collection plays with different patterns, juxtaposing leather grains of distinctive structure together on the same handle: in a modern take on marquetry, chequers or triangular leather patterns combine to form refined cabinet knobs; accents of tight-grain leather stand above the main body of a rectilinear handle overlaid with a smooth goatskin surface; bands of contrasting leathers form a stepped elevation in a style that harks back to Art Deco. The whole collection shares a 1930's vibe, with a masculine feel reminiscent of gentlemen's club with a contemporary twist.


Leather Accent Lever Handle Stepped furniture handle Leather Marquetry on cabinet knob

Haute Déco works closely with a small, family-run foundry to explore how to bring their ancestral bronze savoir-faire into the present to serve a contemporary sensibility. The level of detail in the casting – you can literally feel the suppleness of the leather - is a testament to their invaluable savoir-faire and how it can be made relevant to modern luxury living.

The collection consists of coordinated handles for doors, drawers and cabinets, and a wide selection of knobs for cabinets in different styles and sizes. It is available in two contemporary finishes, a crisp nickel finish and a rich antique bronze patina which looks so much like leather that you can almost smell its rich aroma. It is designed to complement restrained aesthetics, adding texture and character to a muted palette.

Bronze Leather will be unveiled at Decorex on September 21, 2014.

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