New Oversize Doorknob with an old fashioned charm

A new generation of luminous doorknobs emerges from the encounter of Haute Déco's unique Cristalle™ material with their newly designed, jewellery grade nickel insert: unobtrusive but exquisitely made, every detail has been thought through to be a fitting match for Haute Déco's door jewellery concept: look closely at the neck and you will catch the discreet sparkle of its delicate cross hatching detail.

Haute Déco's Cristalle™ is a modern day material perfected over time at Haute Déco's workshops in South West England so that opening a door turns into a sensory experience: using only the purest water-clear resin, this tactile ethereal material is soft to touch yet remarkably hard-wearing, and lavishly-polished to achieve a the lustrousness of rock crystal.

Halcyon is a generous doorknob for larger doors infused with old-fashioned elegance. Inspired by a glass 'bonbonnière' - a container for confectionary favoured by French ladies at the turn of the last century - from a bygone era when curves were fashionable, Halcyon is fashioned like a plump round cushion. One of those deceptively simple designs that require the most fine tuning, it fits perfectly in the hand and is a joy to use.



Haute Déco's new generation of doorknobs will be officially launched at Decorex 2016 on Haute Déco's stand B20A.

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