PETALS DOORKNOBS: Fashion's best loved decorative motif is turned into a delightful doorknob in Haute Déco's poetic interpretation of the quatrefoil

Haute Déco’s poetic interpretation of the quatrefoil motif, PETALS is a graceful doorknob in the timeless shape of the Quatrefoil, a recurring motif in architecture that transcends time and cultures.


One of nature’s simpler wonders, the four-leaf clover – or Quatrefoil - represents Hope, Faith, Love and Luck. It has been used throughout the ages, in Moorish and Middle Eastern architecture, in Byzantine churches, Middle-Ages cathedrals and Venetian palaces. It was a much loved motif of XIXth Century Gothic revival, well documented in pattern books such as the Grammar of Ornaments by architect Owen Jones. One of the favourite motifs of contemporary luxury brands, it is constantly being re-interpreted in new contexts and applications, Haute Déco’s being one of the most innovative of recent times.

One of those rare designs that we instantly recognise as making perfect sense, like something we always expected to exist but never actually encountered, PETALS has all the makings of a new classic. Designed to fit the hand through fine-tuning of the sections of its interlocking circles, its perfect proportions make it elegant and delightfully comfortable to use.


Petals doorknobs can be ordered in two configurations, each with its own, particular vibe: the Quatrefoil configuration being more exotic, whilst the more classic square setting bears a stylised floral connotation.

Made relevant to today’s living by its pure lines and contemporary material, PETALS is made of Cristalle™ resin, a modern day material perfected over time at Haute Déco’s workshop in South West England:  this tactile ethereal material is soft to touch yet remarkably hard wearing, and lavishly polished to achieve a lustrous softness reminiscent of cabochon semi precious stones.

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