Haute Déco launches new Sensation collection at Decorex


Building on the concept behind the iconic Signature collection - bronze elements encapsulated in crystal resin take on an ethereal quality when seen through the prism of the resin wrap - and taking it one step further, the collection brings together two strands of Haute Déco’s business. Sensation doorknobs incorporate textured bronze elements featuring semi-abstract organic patterns, embedded in crystal resin like Signature handles.

Although the concept is the same, Sensation has a totally different vibe to Signature: the domineering factor here is the pattern sculpted into the bronze element, with the translucent resin acting as a “magnifier”; it’s as if the resin adds a fluid quality to the pattern, forming a contour filled by reflections of the embedded metal. With sphere-shaped designs, the prism effect operated by the crystal ball transforms the original bronze pattern beyond recognition, adding further to the mystery.

The magic of the concept is further revealed by photography. “When we were photographing the first set of prototypes, some shots told a totally different story to how we are seeing the product” says Marie-Véronique. It’s as if the photographic lens cannot cope with the interaction of bronze, pattern and translucency, which our brain manages to process. These particular images are not useful to describe the design but they make quite extraordinary - quasi abstract - photographic art.


Meanders doorknob nickel Nappa doorknob gold Meanders doorknob bronze

The collection consists of doorknobs and matching cabinet knobs in a myriad of textures and patterns. It is available in Haute Déco’s trademark version of soft gold, in antique bronze and in nickel.

Sensation will be unveiled at Decorex on September 21, 2014.

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