Made of solid bronze and plated or patinated to a variety of contemporary finishes, our lever handles are designed primarily for internal doors. They are equipped with a sprung back-plate to ensure a good return of the handle, and can all be ordered with a choice of back-plate: the original slim-line rectangular back-plate or a square back-plate with hidden fixings. Levers can be combined with a privacy set to match. Plates for escutcheons and privacy locks can be ordered in both rectangular and square formats. Privacy sets can be ordered with split finishes.

Bronze doorknobs for passage doors / mortice locks are equipped with the same sprung back-plates as lever handles, with both options of back-plates available (slim-line rectangular or square with hidden fixings). They can also be ordered without a back-plate for Pull or Push-Pull applications

Decorative Push-Pull Plates and Push-Pull Handles are two Haute Déco specialities.

Different formats: square, rectangular, half-moons, double C have been designed to suit each of our decorative textures. All of our statement handles can be ordered to be fitted on one side of the door only, or for back-to-back fixing.

Our star textures come to the fore in a considered selection of recessed handles for sliding and pocket doors; wider formats can also be ordered as a locking set for bathroom sliding doors.