D Haute Deco | Luxury haute couture handles for doors and furniture

Dedicated to making the finest luxury door handles since 1994

Famed for its impeccable house-style, Haute Déco is dedicated to creating an extensive collection of decorative hardware for private residential family homes. More aptly described as door jewellery, our handles are infused with a distinctive character: a mix of timeless, effortless elegance and considered detailing as well suited to pared down decor as to bolder interiors in which colour, patterns and texture abound.

With a variety of styles from wide-ranging sources of inspiration, our collection spans across materials, sometimes mixing them. Yet a common thread best described as “effortless-chic” runs though, reflecting the sense of style of founder Marie-Véronique Swannell who oversees design.

Since its early beginning, Haute Déco has been adding a fresh perspective to luxury knobs and handles.

Still today, the brand retains an authentic voice, continuing to insist on its founding principles:
• An artistic approach to design, believing that “designed by hand” is as important as "made by hand”
• Designing contemporary-classic pieces that stand the test of time
• Using precious materials – what the French call “materiaux nobles” - so that our handles age beautifully
• Casting all our knobs and handles by hand, to achieve that elusive flowing quality that is missing from machined production
• Applying time-honoured skills to perpetuate heritage skills locally
• Good old fashioned service, based on interpersonal interaction
Our door handles are meticulously crafted, by hand and with integrity, in our dedicated atelier in South-West England where the team continues to perfect contemporary finishes by applying heritage skills to modern-day materials.