D Artisan luxury hardware for contemporary classic interiors, handmade in Hampshire

Signature Handles | beautiful artisan hardware for contemporary classic interiors

Our Signature door handles collection is unique amongst luxury architectural hardware, thanks to a rare concept associating bronze and cristalle glass.

Designed for understated sophistication, Signature handles are in tune with both contemporary and classic architecture, depending on the metal finish applied to the bronze element.

Invented by Haute Déco's founder Marie-Véronique Swannell, the Signature Collection started with the Coupole doorknob, an instant classic. This timeless design explores how metal accents are sublimated when refracted through a layer of cristalle glass. The collection has expanded to cover every category of decorative hardware from mortice doorknob to cabinet handle.

The concept relies on a unique savoir-faire developed at the company's workshop in Hampshire, where we have perfected the art of bronze inclusions in cristalle glass.

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Finished to Perfection: Choose from 7 subtle metal finishes, specially curated for the Signature collection's aesthetics

Polished gold: classic and glamourous
Satin gold: a soft version of gold
Polished rose gold: precious with warm undertones
Satin rose gold: a contemporary take on rose gold
Antique bronze: timeless patination that works in conjunction with both nickel and brass
Polished nickel: contemporary, mirror-like finish
Satin nickel: pearlized nickel finish without reflection, a good match to stainless steel