Orders and Production process

Assistance during ordering process: We encourage you to provide floor plans and hardware schedules whenever possible so that we can review your requirements and draw a quotation as per the door schedule. This is turn will form the basis for our door-by-door packing and labelling of your order in the run-up to delivery.

We offer door-set packing as standard, with every pair labelled by location. Individual product pages on the website have been revisited to include most relevant technical information. In addition, Technical Data Sheets provide installation guidelines and every-day care instructions and can be requested from the showroom when placing your order. Our handles are supplied with all necessary fixings, including nylon sleeves and soft washers for installing onto glass or mirror if specified.

Production Process: We mostly manufacture to order with leadtimes of 10 to 15 weeks depending on the collection. For urgent requirements, we do keep stock of a small number of items, and it's always worth checking what the inventory situation might be. All our handles are hand-made, with integrity, involving multiple stages that can sometimes be unpredictable. That is why leadtimes can only be indicative. There exists an option for rush order, subject to a fixed fee, for bronze orders.

We take great pride in our quality control: every client order is checked personally by our showroom staff before being sent out. We value the process of craftsmanship and embrace small imperfections as beauty. We believe that the occasional tiny flaws in our pieces reflect human nature and differentiate our production process from computer-generated, production-line perfection.