PHILANTHROPY : Haute Déco's involvement with The Connection

Working in an industry that strives to create the most desirable homes in the most sought-after locations, it is all too easy to lose track of the fact that having a home to go to at night is not always a given. The plight of the homeless has been front-page news this winter and deservingly so. 2019 being our 25th Anniversary, it got us thinking about what we could do to help those, and most particularly those women, who find themselves sleeping rough against their will.

Research into charities focusing specifically on homeless women helped us identify The Connection and the work it does for the homeless.

Linked to St Martin in the Fields, the charity helps homeless people in London find alternatives to rough sleeping; it provides advice and support to people who are newly homeless, and offers emergency accommodation for up to 80 people to protect them against the dangers of sleeping out. The Night Centre is unique in being the only free, immediate access emergency shelter in London. The Street Outreach programme goes out during day-time, checking on people's welfare and taking them to access relevant services for further support.

Although the charity helps both male and female homeless, they have a special programme for women, recognising that they face specific threats on the streets (rape in particular) and tend to be under-represented in homeless services. The Street Outreach team goes out during daytime seeking out women (who tend to keep themselves out of eye-sight) and helping them access support services for mental health issues or for substance misuse. At the Night Centre, there is a separated, women-only area so that they feel safe and comfortable; in addition, the charity runs a specific women drop-in support group once a week.

20 April 2019: We are so thrilled that our Philanthropy initiative for The Connection has been selected by the FT How To Spend It

Knowing that £40 buys a safe night's sleep in the Night Centre, we have decided that, to mark 25 years in business, we will donate £40 for each monogram engraved doorknob that is sold during 2019. Monogramed doorknobs epitomise Haute Déco's concept of door jewellery: revisiting the concept of emblematic door furniture, doorknobs from our Signature collection can be personalised with engraved monograms, family crest or any other design. There are 4 doorknobs designs to choose from: Coupole, Eclipse, Waldorf and Blake doorknobs. All four designs can be produced either as turning doorknobs or as fixed doorknobs for Push-Pull doors.