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Luxury door hardware in solid bronze

Luxury Bronze Hardware

Our contemporary bronze hardware brings a traditional material into the present with tactile textures, crisp modern lines and contemporary finishes.

We have developed a unique savoir-faire creating bronze door handles with artistic textures, rooted in the French ancestral tradition of fine sand casting and adding to the interior design textural palette.

Drawing inspiration from nature, jewellery, fashion and historical design movements, we create uplifting suites of bronze handles for both doors and cabinetry hardware, including lever handles, cabinet knobs, drawer pulls, furniture handles as well as the statement push-pull handles that are an Haute Déco specialty.

There's an effortless elegance to our decorative bronze hardware that makes it stand out from the rest. Call it creative flair or inspired design, it is down to those details that are not immediately visible but make all the difference: relative proportions, the exact cropping of a pattern, considered detailing, each texture demanding a tailored approach.

As with all our luxury hardware, the same door handle will complement different styles depending on what metal finish is specified. To complement the richness of our artistic textures, we have curated a select palette of contemporary bronze finishes. Remember that there will be subtle differences in how the light reflects on the surface, which affects how the same finish will look from one texture to another.