Floral Lace

Stylised Flower motifs captured in Bronze for Art Deco inspired handles

The Bronze collection epitomises Haute Déco's spirit of pared-down glamour, bringing a traditional material into the present with crisp modern lines and subtle finishes to chime with a contemporary sensibility.


Decorative handles with a woven pattern inspired by raw silk


Effortless chic inspired by Coco Chanel's iconic fabrics

Purity of form is the guiding line, designed to give focus to the handles' evocative textures and extraordinary quality of finish. Luxurious patterns are fashioned like works of art, in a creative process that owes more to sculpture than to CAD.


Bejewelled door furniture with a sparkle

Art Deco

Streamlined, elegant lines with refined detailing

Influenced by Art Deco and the French 1940's movement, the collection comprises twelve distinct families with styles ranging from precious to sober, each with its own inspiration and vibe.

Leather Club

Bronze hardware with leather imprint for sober aesthetics


The appeal of solid wood revealed in Bronze

Our textured bronze handles are designed as families - or suites - destined to be combined in the same room on internal doors, fitted or free-standing furniture, in dressing-rooms and on kitchen cabinets and vanity units.

A decorative pattern is applied to a variety of formats serving complementary purposes: doorknobs, either fixed or turning; lever handles; cabinet knobs; furniture handles and drawer pulls.

Statement handles for larger appliances and entrance doors generally complete the set, together with recessed handles for sliding and pocket doors.


Abstracted Bark textures for rough luxury aesthetics

Fur Factor

Flamboyant Bronze handles with feathery fur textures

Specially perfected to complement our styles and textures, our finishes are tailored for 21st century aesthetics, most specially our gold finishes, soft, subtle and so contemporary.

Fleurs du Mal

A seductive mix of exoticism and sophistication


Playful geometric handles polished to a mirror finish


Sculptural cabinet knobs explore the qualities of void


Stripes and crosses motifs with a twist

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