A collection defined by inspired design and considered detailing

Built over a period of twenty years under the guidance of Marie-Véronique Swannell - Haute Déco's founder and the creative force behind the company - Haute Déco's collection complements a spectrum of styles from sheer sophisticated glamour to rough-luxury aesthetics.

Inspired design underpins the collection: in tune with London's cosmopolitan interior design scene, it reflects Marie-Véronique's own brand of effortless elegance together with an affinity for texture.

Referencing Twentieth Century Architecture, inspiration is drawn from multiple sources, from the Natural sphere to trends in Fashion and contemporary Jewellery. Fashioned by hand in the classic tradition, our handles retain the crucial sense of touch, so that using a handle turns into a sensory experience.

Our creativity is rooted in a unique savoir-faire developed at our Hampshire workshop over two decades; we are especially proud of our expertise in
• Transforming evocative textures into bronze patterns
• Encapsulating bronze into luminous glass resin
• Working with cristalle resin, an ethereal, translucent material that is exceptionally tactile and durable
• Creating colour palettes with different vibes for cabinetry hardware