MASTER OF COLOUR: Turn decorative hardware into colour accents with our unique library of colours

Much like colour accents, decorative handles help to bring a scheme together by providing punctuation to a room. So it makes sense to use decorative hardware as colour accents, especially with a colour library of 100+ colours.

At Haute Déco, we have perfected the art of working with colour to create artistic handles for doors and furniture. Whether you are looking for architectural neutral shades, mineral hues or vibrant colour, we have the colour for you.

Working with colour is part of Haute Déco's DNA, and an area in which we have built a unique know-how. Our colour library contains more than a hundred colours and continues to expand, most recently with the addition of the Atlantic Seascape Lacquers inspired by the colours of Ile de Ré.

Our luxury colour hardware is produced primarily to order in our workshop facility in Hampshire, and we can produce any of our handles in any colour. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Experience has shown that displaying our colour range extensively on the website soon becomes confusing; instead we present curated highlights from a huge range of possibilities, arranged in 3 colour groupings, as well as a few suggestions from recent collections.

The selection showcased here is intended to give a flavour of what is possible, though ideally our colours are best discovered in person at our showroom where we have many other samples available to view. We suggest that you start by selecting a colour, before looking at designs. With a few exceptions, we can generally produce any knob or handle from our collection in your chosen colour.

Technically speaking, our colours belong to colour palettes, each defined by its own techniques, texture and finish. Whatever the palette, our colours are body tinted using combinations of pigments perfected over time; a unique feature is that our inserts are cast in for maximum strength and we use the best water clear material for durability. All our handles are fastidiously hand polished, usually in many stages, making them remarkably tactile

View a selection of handles in cool shades of blues and greens

View a selection of handles in neutral architectural colours

View a selection of handles in warm and bright colours