Highlights from our COLOUR LIBRARY

Haute Déco is simply unique in the world of decorative handles for having a colour library of over 100 colours ranging from soft neutrals to vivid hues, available across a variety of knobs and handles for doors and furniture, giving rise to a multitude of possible colour / design combinations.

Experience has taught us that displaying our colour range extensively on the website soon becomes confusing and counterproductive; instead we have chosen to focus here on selected highlights from a huge range of possibilities, intended to give the viewer a flavour of what is possible.

We suggest that you browse below for colour, and then we can generally produce any knob or handle from our collection in your chosen colour. Our colours are of course best discovered in person at our London showroom where the full range of colours is on display.




Colour Palettes available across designs - as displayed under Cristalle Collection

Technically speaking, our colours have been developed as individual colour palettes, each defined by its own techniques, texture and finishes. Each palette has its own vibe, with the precious Gemstone-inspired palette and subtle sophisticated lacquers at one end of the scale and bold Pop-Art at the other.

In all cases, colours are body-tinted using combinations of pigments perfected over time; uniquely, inserts are cast in for maximum strength and we use the best water-clear resin for durability. All our handles are hand-polished in our South-West England premises, making them remarkably tactile.

Gems' colour palette

Gems Colour Palette: sophisticated see-through colours inspired by precious gemstones

Lacquers' colour palette

Subtle colours made from complex pigment combinations, highly polished to reveal their true depth

POP ART colour palette

Inspired by the palette of zesty colours used by Pop Art artists, Pop Art handles make a playful primary colour statement.

POIGNÉE collections


Artist drawings by Christian Migeon for the Original Poignée collection

The Poignée collection was designed for Haute Déco by Christian Migeon, a pioneer of the use of resin in fashion and design.

In a process perfected over the last fifteen years, pigments are combined to secret recipes, and sometimes mixed with other materials for special effects, resulting in an extensive colour palette of 40 colours ranging from delicious tangy see-through colours to stone finishes and mineral shades.

Stone Effects

A mixture of mineral powder, resin and colour pigments for stone look-alikes


Crunched-up metal leaf floating in bright-colour resin, our equivalent to combining metal and silk threads in textile


Vivid colours covering the whole spectrum for a sunny vibrant feel. Ideal to complement bright fabrics in bedrooms, or to add a splash of colour

Three-dimensional, each organic design is shaped by hand during the polishing process, when the hallmark texture specific to Migeon's aesthetics is worked onto the piece. In addition to conferring a stylish rough-hewn dimension to the handle, this uniquely tactile texture helps provide a good grip.

Production takes place at Haute Déco's own workshops in the English countryside, by craftsmen trained by Christian to his exclusive savoir-faire.

Metal Inclusions

Crunched-up metal leaf floating in clear resin, with a grained texture adding a contemporary touch


A range of neutral and mineral colours borrowed from Nature to add a subtle finishing touch to muted decorative schemes