Artistic colour hardware has the potential to bring a colour scheme together, by creating colour punctuation that resonates with fabric and paint colours through repetition and variation of door and cabinet hardware through a room.

With more than 150 shades to choose from - including many near neutrals - we have the colour that will bring your plan together, whether you are looking for a related, contrasting or monochromatic colour scheme.

All our colours are carefully considered, proprietary colours, inspired by Nature as our Muse. Each colour the outcome of in-depth research to establish the exact shade we want to achieve, and of extensive trials to determine the exact combination of pigments.

Our colours come in many textures and finishes, some highly polished, some rough-hewn. Either way they are body-tinted – not coated – and polished in multiple stages to ensure that they feel great in the hand, that they reveal the full depth of colour and that they age beautifully.