D Haute Deco | Luxury haute couture handles for doors and furniture

Trousseau Doorknobs

Luxury ornamental hardware featuring metal lacework

Sensation Handles

Combining textured bronze and glass is a special savoir-faire

Our most luxurious handles where textured bronze is refracted through a layer of Cristalle

Signature Handles

Our Signature doorknobs can be made in many metal finishes

Our signature concept for doorknobs and handles associating cristalle glass with solid bronze inclusions

Cristalle Glass Knobs

Selection of glass door knobs in contemporary and classic styles

The most translucent and durable glass doorknobs, in a choice of classic and contemporary styles


Textured Bronze Handles

Selection of luxury handles from our Textured Bronze Hardware

Luxury Bronze Hardware for doors and cabinets in a selection of twelve handcrafted bronze textures

Colour Library

A selection of cabinet knobs and handles in more than 100 colours at our showroom

Turn decorative hardware into colour accents with our unique colour library

Haute Déco specialises in designing and manufacturing luxury handles for the finest residential properties, having established a reputation as "the haute couture of doorknobs" from its early days on the London design scene.

Leading the way with fresh, contemporary designs of timeless appeal, the company has built a covetable collection of decorative hardware that spans precious materials such as cast bronze and cristalle glass. Inclusions of bronze in cristalle glass is a company specialty, as is its unique colour library.

Infused with a distinctive house-style of understated glamour, the collection appeals to property owners looking for artistic architectural details that will set their home apart. Based on the premise that luxury hardware should be part of the interior design textural palette, the starting point of our design process consists in creating evocative textures that also appeal to our sense of touch.

Pure lines, elegant proportions and just the right amount of detailing add up to a sense of relaxed elegance that epitomises the Haute Déco brand.

Every handle is fashioned entirely by hand, from creating a prototype to the last stages of production. Our exceptional decorative hardware is made from superior materials, with painstaking attention to detail, to last and to age beautifully. Time consuming, hand executed polishing and finishing ensure that the quality of the material is fully revealed.

We are proud to have been a champion of Made in Britain since opening our workshop in Hampshire in the late 1990's.